Our customers in Hull and East Yorkshire often ask how best to pack their fragile items in order to prevent damage. Arnolds Removals have devised a step by step plan to ensure your items arrive in one piece.

Arnolds Removals guide for packing plates and other flat wares for a move.

1.     Prepare all the necessary packing supplies: blank newspapers, packing tape, bubble wrap and marker.

2.     Choose a standard sized box and line it with bubble wrap.

3.     Get the first plate and put in top of the blank newsprint. Then cover it completely using one corner of the newspaper.

4.     Take the next plate and wrap it with the remaining three corners of the newspaper.

5.     Secure the plates with packing tape.

6.     Put the plates inside the box on their side. On a flat state, plates and saucers are more susceptible to damages. When places on their side however, plates can sustain more pressure.

7.     Continue steps three to six until the box is tightly packed.

8.     Fold the edges of the bubble wrap so the sides can be protected too.

9.     Mark the box “Fragile” and put specify its location. For instance, fragile– kitchen or dining room. Things to Remember: When stacking boxes, always follow the general rule in packing: place heavy items at the bottom, lighter ones on top. If you don’t have bubble wraps, linens and towels can be great alternatives. Be sure not to overload the box as it can potentially yield if it had to support anything over 50 pounds.