As part of our service at Arnolds Removals we are committed to giving our customers throughout Hull and East Yorkshire with the best and most up to date advice for moving house; and importantly keeping those stress levels down!

It is not surprising the many people consider moving as one of the most stressful events in their life. It makes sense when you think about all the tasks that you should accomplish for a successful move. But moving does not have to be extremely stressful at all. The hassles and nightmares can certainly be avoided if you know how to plan carefully.

Hire the Services of Professional Movers

Packing and transporting is a lot easier when you got a pro by your side. If you should hire the services of a moving company, be sure to make your bookings early and confirm your moving requirements three days before the moving day to avoid misunderstandings.

Prepare Your Utilities

Four weeks before you move, be sure to contact a water, electricity, cable and gas provider so they can set up your utilities before you even arrive in your new home. It is also important to check your current utilities. Pay all the bills and make notifications about the changes so the person moving in won’t have to deal with tons of problems.

Pack to Unpack

Pack your goods in ways that make the unpacking more convenient. Designate a separate box for all your necessities so you know which box needs to be opened first. It also helps to limit the items that you bring into your new home so you can spend less time hauling and unpacking goods.