Across the country we are all feeling the financial pinch, at Arnolds Removals we understand the financial pressure that moving house creates. With this in mind we are committed to providing prudent advice that enables our customers in Hull and East Yorkshire to make their move as financially sound as possible.

Aside from the amount of work needed to be done during a move, what may usually add to the stress are the expenses involved. Well, you can save money if you do the move wisely and if you plan your move way ahead of time.

Planning starts by surveying and sorting of your things. You should get rid of the things you no longer use to limit the amount of things you need to bring to your new home. If you sell these items, you will even raise some money for the move. It is also a time to decide whether you need to hire a removals company or not. If you will pack your things, you need to assess how much packing materials you need.

To save money, you can ask for secondhand packing materials if you know people who have just moved houses. Secondhand packing materials are also available online. You can even ask for some sturdy boxes at the grocery for general and non-delicate items.

The important thing is to have a certain budget for all the expected expenses entailed in your move. Make sure you stay within budget. You should search for the best deal when hiring a removals company. Even if you are opting to do the removals yourself, you should also compare the expenses to make sure you are doing the most cost effective option. You can also do part of the job just to save some money and to make sure that your things are well-protected and you won’t get too stressed because of the move.